Pink Large Wallet “Pecher”

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All Your Essentials In A Single Leather Wallet Strapped To Your wrist

It holds all your essentials and fits all occasions. You can’t run out of space for your cards with its 14 separate card slots. Your phone secured in a zipped phone pocket. Wallet fall probability greatly reduced with its grip-textured sides and wrist strap for a easy and firm hold. A truly super-nice gift item.

Made For You

  • RFID-blocking design keeps your data safe, no matter where the day takes you
  • Phone pocket works flawlessly with Samsung, iPhone and Huawei handsets
  • Vegan Leather body and elegant wrist strap work together in perfect harmony
  • Astrid Lovén Peony Print catches the eye from every angle
  • 14 card slots — everything you need for life
  • Coin pocket with elegant pink gold zipper
  • Size: 19 x 10 x 3.5 cm — perfect for anything, and everything
  • Gift box adds an inspired finishing touch
  • Astrid Lovén is a member of Fur Free Retailer and is Cruelty Free Brand
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Feng Shui Wallet

Based on Feng Shui if you are looking for new love, then a pink wallet is just for you. In addition, pink improves human relationships and is an essential color that enhances the happiness of love. According to Feng Shui, if a woman wears a pink thing or has pink things, the happiness of her love increases. Read more from here

Pink Large Wallet care:
Don´t overload your wallet with unnecessary cards or receipts.
Make sure no sharp items scratch your wallet.
Hand-strap does not replace handbag handle and should not be under constant pressure.

Wallet Cleaning:
Clean your wallet gently with soft towel if needed use wet towel and  air dry the wallet in closed position.

Our other colours please check out here
Astrid Lovén biggest retail shop is Levi Design

  1. H

    I absolutely love my new wallet! I have always used smaller ones and at first it looked kind of big….but now i don`t know how could i ever live without it. All my cards fit and even my Samsung note 8 if I want (which is huge) The color and design are also very very beautiful. Good value for money and i would buy it for present again. 🙂

  2. Katarina

    I ordered the pink wallet and it arrived a couple days ago. I absolutely love it, the print is fabulous! I have already gotten complimented on it by several people. I am SO happy with it. I ended up buying one for my daughter as well (although I got her the black one!) as a gift for her birthday since the wallet arrives in such pretty little box, making it feel like a real premium present 🙂

  3. Elli

    I love the pink wallet so much. It was so nice and beautiful and I got it in a nice box.

  4. Kristina

    I received the shipment and these products are great 😊
    And it can’t be missed that I really like the way the products are packaged. Adds a particularly nice feeling when opening.

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